Sarah hb

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nearly 3 months on...

Figured out my life (essentially!) and applied to another uni for FURTHER further study! I had an interview and within a matter of hours they got back to me and gave me an unconditional offer to study there! I was amazed... I must have really impressed the head of department. So yes... I'm going to be 23 in December and yet still a student! I must really love studying or something heh.

Got a part time job as a waitress for celebrity events. It's ok though the pay is shit, the hours are usually long and I always seem to come away with cuts and blisters! I was incharge of a table with a really big A-list star on it last night and that was pretty weird! Forgot to give wine to another celeb on the table... bugger! I probably shouldn't write this down... might be a breach of my contract or something! However, I haven't mentioned any names nor have I mentioned the company I'm working for so ha! I may well be safe yet!

This post has far too many exclamation marks which means I should probably try and work through my recently recurring insomnia and get some sleep... that and I am suffering from solvent inhalation after a ridiculous task work made me do last night! Oh yeah... and when I said I was feeling ill they made me continue anyway until they later decided they didn't need that job doing anyway! LAME!

Right... I should go but shall try and post again soon. Possibly. I like this... it's nice to have no readers and yet to type out random bits of information that noone cares about and will never link back to me... hopefully. Oh God I shouldn't tempt fate. Yes. Anyway! Night!