Sarah hb

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Something along those lines

I don't write anymore... not poetry, not really even songs. I just don't have time. I have 49 hours off a week (inc. weekends) and I usually like to try and get some sleep... try. Hard when you're a bit insomniatic esp when 3 days in to not sleeping you start going pretty mental. I was so tired at one point last week that I thought there was some 70's disco dude in the room. There Reeeeeally wasn't. Oh well!

Been listening a lot to Stanley Clarke's The Toys of Men album. 'Chateauvallon 1972' is an AMAZING piece of music. I reckon that if it doesn't move you even in the tinniest way then you don't have a soul. Obviously I'm completely rational in my opinion...

I decided to sit and breathe in the song as it played and take my time to write whatever first came into my head so I did. I sat still and let the music wash over me and whenever another section came in I wrote the next part. By the end I was left with:

Light and lyrical
Full of passion
Everything yet just the beginning?
Toy with my heart
Play with my soul
Rip me apart from inside out.
I wanted this
Wanted to feel this way
A cat on hot coals – where pleasure equals pain.
Hold me and dance
We only have tonight
In the morning it will all be gone.

Yes... I know. I need to seriously start trying to practice writing again cos this is SHOCKINGLY bad. However, Stanley Clarke.... pretty pretty pretty good. Seriously... that song is amazing. Have a listen.

I made caramelised pears with a dark chocolate sauce drizzled on top for pud tonight. It was raaaather tasty.

Did some bass practice tonight. Looking forwards to July... holiday will = lots of bass practice, guitar, piano and finally flute again!

Taking a day or two off in a couple of weeks to do more recording with the band. Gonna record 'The Need' and 'Hit the Wall' (ah gotta love crazy time signature changes). Recording in our flat will probably piss the neighbours off again but it's only a couple of days so feck it. I'll bake them some cookies or something to say sorry... or profiteroles... noone can say no to my profiteroles.. they're lush!

If anyone reads this then the myspazz is .com/issue18band and was recorded in the flat last year. There's now quite a lot better equipment so the next recordings done by m'lover should sound even better! The song is ok although slower than it is live and also done in not very much time! On the plus side it was our first signature song so has sentimental meaning for us at I18 headquarters. Just wait for 'The Need' though. Damn it's catchy (even if I do say so myself).

Laters yo!